Mobistudy is an open platform for mobile-based clinical research.

As researcher, you can setup a clinical study online, define the inclusion criteria, the data that you want to retrieve and recruit participants online.

As a participant, you get invited to new exciting studies through the app, consent your participation and your treatment of data and and contribute to the research by donating your data.

Mobistudy can collect data from a rich ecosystem of sensors, wearables as well as apps connected to Google Fit or HealthKit.

See the supported data collection tasks

Mobistudy supports a rich set of data collection tasks:

Forms and questionnaires.

Researchers can define their own questionnaires. Branching and answer-based logic are also supported.

Data extraction from Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

Through transparent and explicit consent, participants can share data collected by the phone such as: steps count, weight, height, physical activity, distance, calories and heart rate. These data can be produced by the phone itself or by any connected app or wearable device that is compatible with Google Fit or Apple HealthKit.

Data collection from wearable devices.

If you don't want to use third-party apps, we also support direct data extraction from the Xiaomi Miband3 fitness tracker. The device can provide minute-by-minute steps count, activity level, activity type and heart rate.

6-minute walk test.

Mobile-based 6MWT, uses a validated method to compute the walked distance using the positioning system.

Queens' College Step Test.

This mobile-based step test guides the participant with sound and visual cues.


Gets blood oxygen saturation and heart rate from the wireless Beuer PO60 pulseoximeter.

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Mobistudy is developed with ❤️ by Malmö University, Sweden.