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University of Oxford


an opensource platform for mobile-phone based health research

Define your study

Define your study protocol: inclusion criteria, informed consent, questionnaires and custom forms, vital signs.

Recruit online

Access patients on their phone, through an app, let the platform do the recruitment and the data collection.

Analyse your data

Retrieve patients' data, visualise progression and download it for further analysis.

Easy to use

The Mobistudy app is meant to be used by everybody. Informed consent is explained in lay terms. Users can always have a second thought and opt-out from some of the consented items. Forms and questionnaires are beautifully designed and easy to fill-in.

Connect to the rich health apps ecosystem

Mobistudy works on Android and iPhones. Thanks to Healthkit and Google Fit, Mobistudy allows to extract data from other health apps. For example, you can choose your best app for weight management, or let the participant decide.

No need to hire an engineer!

You don't need to develop a new app for your study, you can use Mobistudy straight away. If you have special requirements, you can still develop on top Mobistudy easily, it is built on widely known Web technologies.

Made by

Arvin Goburdhun
Arvin Goburdhun

Software developer at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford.

Dario Salvi
Dario Salvi

Associate senior lecturer, School of Arts and Communication (K3), Malmö Universitet.

Carmelo Velardo
Carmelo Velardo

Departmental Lecturer at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford.

University of Oxford
Malmö University

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