Privacy policy of the Mobistudy participants app

Version 2022-02-24

The Mobistudy app is meant to be used by citizens who want to contribute to research studies using their mobile phones. In order to use the app you will need to create an account on the app which will be shared with the Mobistudy server. This profile is needed regardless of whether you join a research study or not. The profile requires the following information:

In addition to the data contained in this profile, the app will collect and share information about your participation in research studies with the Mobistudy server, like the date and time you joined or withdrew from a study, or the date and time of the activities you performed within a study. These are needed to keep track of your participation in existing studies and avoid inviting you to studies you are already taking part in, or studies that are not suitable to be part of at the same time.

If you decide to join a research study, you may be required to share your data with the institutions involved in the study, including:

The purpose and extent of data collection within each study will depend on the study itself. A further study-specific privacy policy will be clearly shown to you before joining the study and you will be allowed to accept or reject it.

All the collected data are securely transferred and stored on a server hosted and managed by the University of Malmö, Sweden. Data is encrypted on both the app and the server and during transmission. Personnel from the University of Malmö may access the server and your data for technical maintenance, but will not process any of these data for clinical or research purposes, unless they are part of the research studies you have decided to participate in. The University of Malmö may publish general statistics about the number of users registered on the platform, their country of residence and age group.

Under no circumstances other than the ones specified above, will your data be shared with other parties or individuals.

Your data are kept on the server for as long as you decide to keep your profile on Mobistudy. Study specific-data will be kept for the duration of study, which is going to be specified when you join a study. The app allows you to delete your account and any data associated with it at any time, by tapping a button.

The server will also record technical logs containing the date and time you send or request data and the IP address from which the data comes from, but not the data associated with the request. These technical logs are needed for security audit and will be kept for 1 year in all circumstances, also if you decide to delete your account.

You can download the data in a machine-readable format. Contact if you need to do this.

Malmö University is the Controller of the processing of personal information which is done based on your consent. The consent can be revoked at any time by contacting and any material processed based on your previous consent will be erased. The same address applies if you would like to find out what has been registered about you or if you would like to have errors corrected, information erased or processing restricted.

If you have questions about the university’s processing of personal information you may contact the Data Protection Officer at and if you have complaints that cannot be resolved with Malmö university you may submit these to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten.